Gilt & Gratitude – WGBOK

This marks my very first attempt at writing a blog.  I’ve been one of those people who’ve always found journaling to be comforting and frankly, a means to get out the feels- the good and not so good thoughts that takeover and I for one need to get out of my head or it sends me in a tailspin.  I highly recommend it. In this time we’re in, I’ve kept up with this one, as it’s super simple and right now, we need the easy button on just about everything we attempt to do.
It’s anything but easy.  I feel those gratitude yet guilty feelings since many of my friends who are still working are struggling with the new normal of trying to work from home when I have been so used to doing so for years.  I’m use to the quiet I need to be creative and think strategically alone and many of my friends don’t have that now especially homeschooling their kids who need constant attention.  As I write this, my 14 year old senior dog Cooper is snoring and I stare at him thinking oh his pure bliss and he must think he won the lotto.

I’m grateful for all the simple joys this time gives like my walks around the neighborhood with him, waving and talking with neighbors I do know and that is not lost on me.  That right about now, we are longing for each other’s company and community whereas maybe we didn’t take the time before because we couldn’t or simply running all the time. This pause, we’ve got to use it to pivot our thoughts to what good can come out of it and I believe reaching out to our loved ones and strangers- actually talking on the phone vs. simply texting, asking one another how we’re really doing vs. the usual I’m good, everything’s fine mode no longer suffices.  We’re all getting more honest with ourselves, those were around, and our circumstances. 

Before the quarantine, we had major tornadoes hit Nashville.  The show of human kindness and serving here warms my heart still and I spent a week after the tornadoes serving in one of the hardest hit parts of town.  It’s not lost on me that doing that helped prepare me for this.  When I wake up in my comfortable home and I’m able to drive to the grocery store to get food and supplies, I remember the many people I encountered who completely or partially lost their homes, they had trees on top of their cars, they are surviving on what people were donating and now that’s been halted since volunteering and services had to be postponed for now.  There are so many less fortunate than many of us.  We are sheltering in place because we have a roof over our heads. Not downplaying what we’re going through at all, just reminded me of how much I and we still have to truly be grateful for.  

Another very real struggle I’ve noticed are my friends who are feeling more single than ever (especially the extroverts and go getters) and my elderly neighbors who live alone.  What an opportunity we have to reach out to them now that we have the time and simply remind them they are not alone. I think most now know that technology isolated more than connected but it’s encouraging that now so many of us are using it to connect, we’re all zooming for social and business interaction, even in our pjs and I’m all for virtual toasting and hugs. My small business friends and peers are creating virtual offerings and offering free trials to contribute during this time and we should all do our best to keep supporting the heart of every small business we know.

Having just started BYND WELL, Margaret and I are feeling all the struggles many are experiencing.  We were enjoying good momentum until all this happened but being in the industry we’re in, we must stay positive and patient and be a light to others that this too shall pass.  I am spending more time meditating and praying for everyone’s health and well-being, not just physically but emotionally more than ever.  I struggle with seasonal depression so I really do understand.  I’m afraid for my boyfriend as he works in and out of people’s homes but he can’t turn down any work he can get since he’s the only one making an income right now.  So I just keep the home front strong- cooking is cathartic more than usual for me, home-cooked comfort meals are a blessing and time to sit down together for meals without rushing.  I’m snacking more than usual so I try and do the online workouts to achieve balance LOL and it’s okay if we’re comfort eating at times.  Many of us women can now use all the products we have stashed at home and give ourselves a bath and all the self-care we talk about but don’t do about now. 

I’ll end with just encouraging each of you to give yourselves and others a lot of grace and love.  

WGBOK (We’re gonna be OK),