Lauren Roxburgh

Lauren Roxburgh

1. What’s your favorite guilty food pleasure? We always love hearing this from our top wellness friends!
French Fries – the skinny ones!

2. If you were a band who would you be and why?

“Lorde”  because of her authentic, real and passionate connection to her creativity. Her unconventionality is inspiring and her lyrics are highly thoughtful.

3. If you could throw a dinner party and invite any one person you wanted to come (whether you know them or not/ currently living or not) who would you invite and why?

Oprah… She is a trail blazer, front runner, one of the most inspiring souls on the planet.  So resilient and the ultimate example of becoming a creator instead of a victim.

4. What was it that got you into wellness / fitness initially and how has your relationship with wellness evolved over time?

I discovered my path when my mother was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer. I was only sixteen at the time. Witnessing my mother battle cancer inspired me to choose a career in wellness.

I was on a mission to find ways to prevent disease before it manifested in the body. After many years as a student and practitioner, I now teach my Aligned Life holistic method all over the world to help people transform, heal and align their bodies, minds and spirits.

My philosophy is about human empowerment and helping people to connect with their true strength, graceful power, creativity and their true authentic selves. Finding alignment in the physical body is the first step to aligning your emotions, your choices, your relationships and your life. It will also help you connect to your gifts, attract your deepest desires, be of service, feel connected and know that you’re on your true path.

In 2013, I followed a creative impulse to create an online wellness platform and virtual studio with the help of my visionary husband, Emmy-nominated and Oscar-shortlisted documentary producer, Gus Roxburgh. We’re a passionate and hard working duo and combined our individual strengths to build a company from the ground up. Our aim? To help people the world over improve their well-being by providing access to my unique method and offering through inspiring content.

At first we shot content in friend’s homes and things quickly took off as the online community started to find out what my private clients already knew – that my method and programs truly work! With relentless hard work and an incredible small team, we built a platform to give people all over the world access to this empowering knowledge. The company has grown from an idea into a successful business, still owned and operated by the two of us 7 years later. The Aligned Life Studio streams in over 50 countries worldwide and has helped thousands of people reach their wellness goals. You can try a 7 Day FREE Trail to the Aligned Life Studio here.

5. What do you think is the most important part of people understanding their fascia as it relates to overall wellbeing?

The fascia is our sensory organ and a living tapestry that encases our energy – “chi”. It is important for people to understand that memories and emotions are stored in the tissues, therefore when you work with your fascia you are increasing your awareness and consciousness, as well as renewing your cells, releasing tension and pain and elevating your energetic vibration.

6. What area of your life do you find benefits the most from your own fascia practices?

The aspect of my life that benefits the most from my fascia healing is emotional intelligence and overall wellness.

7. What has been the most difficult thing for you during quarantine?

Most definitely having small children and wearing all the hats! The teacher, cook, mom, wife, business owner, carrying the overwhelming sense of responsibility.