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Sustainable Operational Practices | Clean Ingredient/ Product offering | Rotating Super Food Menu Focus

B\YND WELL Co-Founder Margaret Furniss created sustainable operational practices and sourced sustainable materials for a volume based multi-unit café concept. By replacing single-use plastics such as cups, to-go boxes/ containers, straws, flatware, etc with substitutes that were eco-friendly, compostable, or plant based. With the implementation of both a composting and recycling program that was guest facing and service facing we achieved a 50% reduction in kitchen and customer waste.


Margaret also created a menu that incorporated the use of clean and responsibly sourced ingredients and ensured that there were offerings for all of the various diet needs of today from plant based, gluten free, low glycemic, and more. She also introduced a changing quarterly superfood program that highlighted the benefits of different super foods – incorporating them throughout the food and beverage menus and allowing guests to explore new flavors that were in tune with the season as well as ones that had added health benefits.