Amenity / Service Planning + Creation

Wellness Design Services:


Today’s consumer is looking for health & wellness-based offerings. Top of mind for everyone is elevating and ensuring their wellbeing and longevity. Evaluating your brand’s ability to deliver on the changing expectations is paramount to ensuring you not only stay relevant, but that you are evolving to exceed the needs of today’s consumer. The desire for overall well-being extends beyond physical fitness and spa and includes a health-focused F&B offering, wellness-based services, quality sleep, and a sense of commitment to a more sustainable planet and within one’s space and community.


A true wellness centric experience looks at the components that contribute to a best-in-class guest impression. The intentional design of spaces both indoor and out that offer a place for connection, stillness, and community is key. Creating a well-rounded suite of offerings that look at the technology and services that can create that through additional spa services, F&B menu development, on-demand based in-room offering, as well as long-term amenity design.