Design for Wellbeing + Well Building Certification

Wellness Design Services:


We don’t just design beautiful spaces we design spaces through the lens of wellbeing that support your overall health. Our built environment has a huge impact on our health and has been ignored for far too long. Did you know that we spend 80% of our time indoors? And did you know that the inside air we breathe is far more toxic than the air outside? So things like air filtration, water quality, lighting, thermal comfort, sound, and materials, can have a significant impact on our health. Those are all elements we consider as we approach the design of a space – and for commercial clients thinking about nourishment, movement, community, and mind are also part of the big picture of what we think about in our design. We want to create spaces that FEEL good and that also help us FEEL our best.


Being a “WELL” space can mean a lot of things. So how do you know how well your space really is? Thankfully, the health of our interior spaces is something that can now be certified as a WELL space via a WELL certification from the International Well Building Institute. The IWBI has carved out the ten areas that are required to call a space a WELL space. Experts in the requirements of the WELL certificate (oh hey – that’s us!!!) can help ensure your project design is approached in such a way to achieve that. Think LEED certification – which was designed to create the least environmental impact of a building – but WELL certification is designed to create healthy indoor environments. You can read more about WELL certification here.